25icon Kill 7000 monsters in a monthEdit

10icon Give your friends 60 gifts in a monthEdit

10icon Proceeds field training 50 time in a monthEdit

10icon Successfully captures dragons 30 time in a monthEdit

5icon Opens marketplace 5 time in a monthEdit

10icon Successfully produces 60 items in a monthEdit

10icon Successfully refines 15 time in a monthEdit

20icon Enhances 60 equipment in a monthEdit

Completion RewardsEdit

Reward level: 10Edit

GoldCoin 1500 Gold Coin

Reward level: 35Edit

GoldCoin 2000 Gold Coin

Reward level: 65Edit

DragonInsignias 20 Dragon Insignias

Reward level: 85Edit

Standard Costume Transformation Elixir

Reward level: 100Edit

7 Days of Master Repair Hammer

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