"When I pledged myself to this realm, all I received was shame and disgrace."  Kronos' Phantom


After character creation, the story begins in Helmoth.

After watching a sweet cut scene you will slowly wake up in a house that is on fire and under siege. Better get to it!

Undead Invasion – Kill 6 zombies. 

Dragon's Prophet Tutorial - Starting in Helmoth Beta05:52

Dragon's Prophet Tutorial - Starting in Helmoth Beta

Scary Virus – Kill 3 venomous doom dragons. Ignore other hostile NPCs.

Corrupted Dragon Attack – Defeat the Corrupted Skytouched Dragon. Protip: Our homeboy Sabosha will keep him facing in one direction. If you get away from the dragon’s face, he won’t breath fire on you.

Wrap Up – After another cut scene you'll be transported to the regular version of the city of Helmoth. From here, you can interact with other players, start exploring and getting regular quests. 

Welcome to Helmoth

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