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Starting in Hunak Tutorial Beta

Starting in Hunak Tutorial Beta

Starting in Hunak

Welcome back to this week's Dragon's Prophet tutorial installment - today we'll be looking at Starting in Hunak. The Hunak area is the one on the left of the map.
  • The beginning cut scene is brand-new. It features Kronos, the terrible dark dragon from legend.
  • Next, you see a marauder entering a room with stuff that's on fire.
  • The marauder walks up and tries to attack - but then Sabosha saves you! He seems confused that you didn't react faster, but sees that you're wounded.
  • Sabosha tells you to come out and help him fend off the rest of the mauraders. You're an Osira after all! You can take it!
  • Now you must kill six of the mauraders. They're scattered all about. Since you're such low-level, you only have a few skills available to you. You can try out different attack combos by using various combinations of the left and right mouse buttons.
  • Kill all the things!
  • Another cut scene will display. The bodies of many fallen civilians line the ground. It also looks like there are many incoming bad guys - and poison!
  • Now you've gotta go outside the village and kill some alchemists. It doesn't specify how many exactly so just keep killing them until the quest updates.
  • Oh no! Sabosha says it's too late and there's something in the's a gigantic venom hydra!
  • Work with Sabosha to slay the venom hydra. You should ahve a couple more abilities that have opened up on your hot bar. Sabosha should keep most of the aggro on him so you can feel free to just wail on the hydra until it dies.
  • Once you have defeated the evil hydra, another cut-scene will display. Sabosha seems perplexed by the attack. Across the river you see a nearby explosion. He asks you to stay behind to help the surviving villagers. And in the background a mysterious figure walks off...