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After you create a character in Dragon's Prophet, you'll have the option to choose between one of three starting areas: Siberna, Hunak or Helmoth. We're going to walk you through the Siberna starting area.
Starting in Siberna Tutorial Beta

Starting in Siberna Tutorial Beta

Starting in Siberna Tutorial

  • After you create your character, select Siberna on the right as your starting city.
  • You start out with Sabosha waking you up. He explains that marauders are everywhere and that he needs your help.
  • Move forward and start killing the bad guys. You'll need to kill six of them to progress to the next phase of the quest. Try to kill the ones closest to you so you don't get too far ahead.
  • Another cut scene displays showing a hooded figure bringing in some beetle monsters.
  • The next part of the quests has you kill three of the Beetle Handlers. You'll inevitably get aggro from the beetles too, so just go ahead and kill them as well. Note: If you get too far ahead it'll push you back in.
  • After you've killed all the Beetle Handlers, another cut scene will display. You'll see a big Aphidic Doom Dragon come down and start attacking. Luckily Sabosha is there to help you (and take aggro away from you).
  • Attack the Doom Dragon and kill it dead!
  • Another cut scene will start and Sabosha explains that he thinks the Doom Dragon and the other bad guys were after your character!
  • Now you'll be transported to the regular version of the city of Siberna, which is in Bakra. From here, you can interact with other players, start exploring, and getting regular quests.