Thadrea is a highland surrounded by the foggy Ashmond Mountains and situated on Gordean, the southern continent of Auratia. The dominant power in this region is the Norden Kingdom, which was founded long ago by the Tunno people, a race as influential as the Osira in Auratian history. While Osirans developed a combat style based on their command of weaponry, the Tunnos specialized in complex and powerful magic. 

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The great hero of the Tunno people was the sage Asuma, who fought alongside the legendary Osiran Kolava in the Second Dragon War against the Devouring Dragons. Although the kingdom was destroyed, the spirit of the friendship shared between those two warriors still remains intact in the hearts of the Tunno people.

Discover Thadrea!

Discover Thadrea!

Norden KingdomEdit

Norden is the mightiest kingdom in all of Thadrea, and it is largely due to the peace-keeping efforts of Norden that the smaller kingdoms of Soroto and Jerud have not yet annihilated each other in a full-blown war. The origins of this perpetual feud lie far in the past, and although no one can remember them exactly, each minor squabble causes the conflict to boil ever more furiously.


While Norden issues decrees to Jerud and Soroto, the Tonapah region serves as a physical buffer zone between the two sides. Many negotiations take place here, and the residents are more than annoyed at the attitudes of the opposing kings.

The Marsh WitchEdit

While everyone else in Thadrea seems to be at each other’s throats, there is one person who prefers to stay out of the conflict altogether. Sukarin doesn’t care if you’re Osiran, Tunno, dragon, or other…she just wants to be left alone.


This incredibly old woman with awe-inspiring magical talents lives a secluded existence in a hut in the Silt Marsh, which has earned her the nickname “Marsh Witch”. She was once the beloved of Asuma. After his death, she turned her back on the world, although she does get a perverse thrill every now and then from torturing those who come to her for help, sending them on long and circuitous quests. But no matter how hard she may try, her bitter vendetta can’t change the person she once was: a benevolent and powerful sorceress.

Hynier & OziakEdit

In addition to the conflict zones, there are also places of peace and learning in Thadrea: Hynier and Oziak. Far from any war or strife, Hynier is a charming little village that was founded as a temporary base for the stonemasons who erected Vita Temple.


The village was named after the foreman in charge of the construction, who was a loyal follower of Vita. His relatives still live there. Oziak is a renowned institute for the research of all forms of magic. Many families from all over Auratia send their would-be child prodigies to the Oziak Institute in Norden to study under the best magic instructors in the world. Even the crotchety Sukarin once taught here.



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