Book of advanture

Quest SummaryEdit

  • Starting NPC: Tavern Owner
  • Completion NPC: Tavern Owner
  • Location: Fatoia
  • Recommended level: 12
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • A Brief Introduction
    • Leave Fatoia to hunt Ayden Sheep. After obtaining six Wild Sheep's Wool, give them to Tavern Owner back in town.

Note: the quest summary states that the player must obtain six Wild Sheep's Wool, but the quest itself requires eight.

  • Details
    • Only a few people know this, but the Wild Sheep's Wool nearby are the finest ingredients. Our town has mineral supply problems, right?? Some traders want to use their other resources to make up for the losses during all this. Their best idea was these Wild Sheep's Wool. We need a lot, though, so we thought we should enlist something to do the gathering for us. This should be easy money. Do you want to give it a shot?

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Obtain Wild Sheep's Wool 0/8

Quest Completion TextEdit

  • Another batch of Wild Sheep's Wool! Well done!

Quest RewardsEdit