Vital Statistics
Level 25
Zone Satuma
Region Deyarka Keep
Family Razorspine
Running Speed 180%

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"A type of Paragon Dragon that was captured and brought back to Deyarka Keep in Satuma by the Wolfmen, Thornlash was kept as the executioner of traitors and prisoners. Its body is covered with prickly thorns, and after so much time in captivity it is very accustomed to the taste of human flesh and blood."


Thornlash is a dungeon rare Razorspine Dragon. Before the closure of the zone, it was previously found in Deyarka Keep in Satuma about half way though at the corner eating some meat.  It also spawns from green, blue and purple Draconic Flutes.


  • Despite being a Razorspine Dragon, Thornlash is mistakenly called a Paragon Dragon in its compendium entry.


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