• Please don't put the EU dragons in any category but their EU Exclusive or Dragons. o.o My reasoning is those categories and this wiki are for things on NA, Putting EU dragons in there will confuse readers possibly to think they can get that dragon. If I make any sense.

    You might ask why the EU dragons are on here then, well because I know a lot of people say "Oh I wonder what that dragon we don't have looks like!" I hear it non-stop in my guiild. xD Another reason, half the editors play EU and they bugged me to put their dragons on here. The final reason, when the dragon comes to NA it's really stressful to find someone to get the gif, well over on EU their like "Hey I have the dragon come gif it" no wild goose chase required.

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    • Not surprising about EU players since the page links here.

      I honestly don't see how adding them to the main dragon category (Dragons) is ok but adding them to their family categories as I did is bad. Having them in the list of all dragons seems just as likely to make people think they're capturable on NA servers as linking them to their dragon family category.

      But, whatever, I know how well expressing an opinion goes.

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    • Edit: Thought you linked to the wiki. :P I find it amusing they have us as a fan site.

      If you think being on Dragons will confuse as well, that too can be removed from their categories. I'm just following the procedure of what another editor said when I added them to their famillies a very long time ago.

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    • The core content of the games is like 99% the same. Some dragons and zones have different names, but otherwise the same. I think it really boiled down to make a whole new wiki just for english EU players or link to this. I noticed they have links to French and German wikis but didn't look at them.

      But yeah, if the idea is to have them on here for reference, but keep them separate, then maybe not in Dragons would be good since this technically for NA. But that's just my $0.02, I'll leave it for others to decide.

      I have a unrelated question: what is the difference between Fat Model Dragons and Beastly Fat Model Dragons?

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    • Fat Model Dragons is for the ugly Dayspring model with the fat rolls and smushed in face. Beastly Fat is the Recursive Nightmare model with the huge round belly, horns, poiny chin, etc. Their both pretty fat, ones just more scary looking.

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    • Fat Model Dragons have their lower jaw protruding out/a larger lower jaw with spikes(or thorns or teeth) whereas Beastly Fat Model Dragons has a sharper snout.

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