So in the past little while I've moved some guides written by Blau and Oric over (with permission) because apparently they will be closing their site whenever the hosting payment runs out.

I've made a new feature our former admin Tayva came up with last year - dragons organized into categories based on their color. You like blue dragons? Well the blue dragons category will help you browse.

Another minor addition is the companion support percentage added to info boxes. Of course for that to make sense you would have to understand companions first but it should be a minor helpful tweak for some people!

Guides Moved Over

All guides that existed already on the wiki were merged with the guides made by Blau and Oric basically combining the information for double helpfulness. I had to go out and take pictures for some of them so hopefully those are also decent.

Dragon Colors

Not all dragons are categoried yet. I am aware of this, I am one person. If a dragon is improperly listed in the wrong color, you think it should be in multiple colors, or you have a problem with it in general, please fix it yourself or leave a message on my wall.

You may access it from the navigation bar up top -

Ss (2015-12-06 at 05.37.46)

Note - The companion support percentage is also not 100% completed on dragon pages.

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