So here are the plans for this Wikia in light of the Dragon's Prophet NA servers closing.

Dragon pages are already re-named to suit the EU names with the exception of the two dragons Savage Shockwave and Shockwave Gale due to them sharing the same name Skyhammer Patriarch. Never quite thought out what to do about that yet. Everything else is re-named to the best of our knowledge (Dungeons, Costumes, etc).

To be more user friendly Blau and myself will be moving around the NA EU tabs on dragons that have them to show EU first. All NA information will be kept as an archive, we are still discussing how to best keep it.

We have available to us the missing compendiums and information for NA dragons but it is not decided if we feel like adding them.

I am also looking for any EU players that are interested in helping/taking over as lead of this wiki. Please see my forum post for more information here

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