Been some pretty cool changes since the last news post I'm excited about.

To start off The Basics is being re-worked to be better suited to be an actual newbie FAQ and guide. Nothings perfect but I'd say it's better than how the page previously was. Now the key to this is hunting down more commonly asked questions to add!


A very cool feature in my opinion, the bosses from DHT and Shrine of Handras now have their own pages with clickable audio. Yes that means you can listen to Vita the Stalwart Shield say Stronger 1 million times in high def. xD NoT is next on the list for audio.


Handras -


A new gacha page has been made that lists gachas from both versions (NA, EU) in their own sections. Each gacha has it's own page as requested in the past. List of EU gachas is incomplete, NA is near 100%.

Link is here:


New dragon pages/gifs since the last news post:

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