I missed a month on the updates but I didn't really intend to do it every month anyway, just whenever that urge arose!

I can't say anything really interesting happened here in the past month or two. I've been working on putting watermarks in the dragon gifs which is pretty easy, quick, and fun at the same time. But a small problem arises, whenever a certain site that is using them decides to link to one, it breaks the image on the wiki and their site too. So if anyone reading this ever comes across a dragon gif that is super blurry please comment on my profile or somewhere so I can fix it. I can't monitor everything! I also don't see how a blurry gif is any good to them either but if it floats their boat sure. xD

Another problem I guess I should mention is that the category pages are slightly broken, instead of showing the images for every dragon or thing in the category, it shows the top pages in images and then lists everything else in text below. Look here for example: I for one find it annoying because it's nice to just browse the dragon images and click on what you like/are looking for. But I contacted Wikia about it and apparently it's their issue so hopefully that is fixed soon!

Now for something a bit major. I've talked to some people for their opinions and insights before acting as always, and I've decided for the best interests of the majority of players to shift this wiki to focus more of it's energy on the EU game. No I'm not "abandoning NA" I don't even want to argue about that it's pointless to me. The fact is a large enough portion of NA players have moved over to the point where it's quite noticeable to someone who's been playing the game for a longer time. Now.. why should this wiki be limited because NA is being limited? Pssh, we got people to help no room for being limited!

Also point of interest, the last NA Marketplace update.


  • All NA names re-named to EU names.
  • Compendiums put into EU order.
  • NA information will be moved the the Trivia section on pages to avoid a huge mess on pages.

0Yuuyake0 (talk) 15:49, June 8, 2015 (UTC)

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