Depending on which Dragon's Prophet you are on dragons, armor, etc can have different names.

European Name North American Name
Amethyst Dragon Scale Set Lucid Harmony Set
Marketplace Items
European Name North American Name
European Name North American Name
Mictlan's Corridor Mictlan Corridor
European Name North American Name
Iciclaws Frostfur Ironclaw Dragon
Magna Tuska Silversnow Volle
RuneWake Dragon Runewake Dragon
Marble Chill Aphotic Glare
Roughrounder Intrepid Blast
Yin-Yang Dismal Chill
Dawn Purple Intrepid Charger
Moksha Pondi
Heart of Snow Snowheart
Sonic Roar Maron
Spearmint Jadeite Elaine
Jagged Crag Arid Blast
Flashing Silver Tarnished Reflection
Golu Jag Golu
Jadeite Wing Serpentine Fog
Pink Haze Pinkmist
Radiant Sunset Setting Sun
Vapor Hiss Yuchi Lex
Crypt Looter Lord of the Abyss
Divine Brilliance Faroley the Divine Brilliance
Aleator Jagged Ice
Taysian Legra
Black Smog Blackfog
Ebon Shadowfang Eternal Darkness
Duality Ferocious Duality
Violet Thorn Scathing Rancor
Raiden Nova Stormchaser
Nerroth Miller Thomas
Dull Blue Endless Sea
Livjatan Pyle Daphne
Bloody Thorn Lethal Grasp
Briar Venom Immortal Lightning
Astaroth Notta Artemis
Redwing Dragon CBS Dragon
Voltara Lumen Darknight Carina
Fleeting Snow Winter Solstice
White Stallion Shining Seraph
Regal Bronco Regal Fatespinner
Black Lightning Creeping Nightfall
Eseriel Frostshadow Shadow Hunter
Nagafen Lord Nagafen
Deathwing Chaotic Terror
Grave Rider Abyssal Champion
Burnt Shadows Ancient Prophecy
Coalsteel Kong Coalsteel Volle
Nesenth Immortal Torment
Skyhammer Patriarch Savage Shockwave
Skyhammer Patriarch Shockwave Gale
Tomb Eater Abyssal Squire
Grave Rider Abyssal Champion
Crypt Looter Lord of the Abyss

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