Book of advanture

Quest SummaryEdit

  • Quest Giver: Fehman Solin
  • Recommended level: 20
  • Location: Kanze Point
  • Pre-requisite quests: n/a

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • A Brief Introduction
  • Details
    • Serves those mongrels right, a pox upon them all! The actually renimate the dead and have the corpses of their victims attack their former families and friends. How vile and dishonorable it is to force the dead to slay their own loved ones! Those Blackclaw scum have no honor! They don't even deserve to be called warriors! Head outside of camp, kill them all, and take their weapons. I'd like to see them beg for mercy when they're helpless!

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Black Claw Armament (0/8)

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Expicon 1441 Experience Points

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